Thursday, December 15, 2016

First Lady

There is clearly dissention in the Trump White House: We are not going to have a First Lady. Great cheekbones and jawline or not, Melania is not going to be The Washington Hostess. She says she wants to be with her son, who will stay in his New York school, but, clearly, that is not enough. She simply does not want the Washington gig.

This, more than anything else in this overturning election, might signal the true enormity of the change brought by Trump's victory: The obvious suspects do not want the spoils. There will be no multi-lingual beauty in the White House receiving line. What politician's wife in the entire history of the world would not want to pick clothes, silverware and china to provide the opportunity to have social events where she could be envied? What good looking woman would not salivate at the chance to step into the spotlight, beam and favor a follower with her gentle smile or reduce an enemy to dust?
But Melania does not want the gig.

There has been little made of this so far; likely the press has been stunned mute by events. And some narratives are emerging, albeit slowly. Will there be a First Lady pro tem? Is Melania deferring to Ivanka? Would such a handoff be appropriate? Is an attractive First Daughter just too creepy as the First Lady? Does this entire problem signal a shift away from Washington? Will Melania be First Lady in New York? (A revolution in itself.)

Perhaps Melania is shy--but history does not suggest that. So what are we to do? A concerned nation expects a First Family, all of it. Does she feel like an outsider? Does she not like us, like Michelle? Should we be offended? Clearly something must be done.
Perhaps we have had a peak at what is to come. Kanye West was one of the first show business people to visit Trump. His wife, a renown beauty, has significant reality show experience.

Kim Kardashian for First Lady! Kim, a lonely nation turns it eyes to you!

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