Friday, August 4, 2017

No Camouflage

No Rare Bird

The drama continues as manipulative, self-absorbed, arrogant, ambitious but inept people battle with each other, with their twin opponents, with the restraining laws of the land, and with the citizenry as they try to advance themselves, their relatives and associates with only slogans and aspirations as public policy.  Critics foolishly believe that this behavior and incompetence is somehow unusual when in fact it is unique in only its shameless openness. These people are notable in that they are unable--or unwilling--to mask their venality with the requisite platitudes the usual politician has mastered. And the critics seem to think the administration's opponents are not of the same species when their only difference is better camouflage.
Few of those who aspire to this kind of power in the democracy has ever shown great integrity or ability--indeed those few who do are usually very special people because this type of power is so intellectually and ethically eroding. But this administration should be thanked because it allows the world to see the politician in his natural, undisguised state. 

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