Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday 3/13/16

Today's gospel is that of the woman caught in adultery, in flagrante delicto as they say. This occurs against the background of "in gathering," a sort of agricultural Thanksgiving, an old Jewish social and religious holiday.
It appears today in John but, apparently, no one believes him the source and most think it from Luke.
Interestingly, there is no man charged, a violation of the law itself.
It is a clever trap for Christ as the Mosaic law is undeniable. She must die. And adultery was a significant event for the culture for, like cowardice in battle, it threatens social foundations.
Christ switches the question from a legal one to a moral one. Then implicates all humanity in her crime. Not only are we equal before God, we are equal among our fellows.
As the accusers melt away, she is left with Christ alone, Christ being the only one who actually fills His own definition of a righteous stone thrower as only an innocent could condemn her.
As such He is the only one who can forgive, which He then proves.

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