Thursday, April 7, 2016

Bad Juju

Many think the investigation into Clinton's e-mail should be in quotes. That is, the investigation is no more an investigation that the WWE championship is a competition. This kind of thing is inevitable, of course, when the quality and integrity of a performance is judged by the performers themselves. This story might be a worthwhile indicator of the sincerity of the entire event.

In March of 2013, a Romanian hacker calling himself Guccifer hacked into the AOL account of Sidney Blumenthal and leaked to "Russia Today" four e-mails containing intelligence on Libya that Blumenthal sent to Hillary Clinton.
Sidney Blumenthal is a long time friend and adviser of the Clinton family who in an unofficial capacity sent many “intelligence memos” to Hillary Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State.
The emails have since been released in all of the Clinton hubbub--except for one, which exists only in the hacked release. That email says the Saudis funded the Benghazi attack, and not only was this not followed up on, but there is not any record of this e-mail ever existing except for the "Russia Today" leak.
There is another e-mail missing with the subject “H: Libya security latest. Sid”
The fact that it is missing suggests one of two possibilities, at least according to William Reynolds of  
  1. The State Department does have a copy of this e-mail but deemed it top secret and too sensitive to release, even in redacted form. This would indicate that Sidney Blumenthal was sending highly classified information from his AOL account to Secretary Clinton’s private e-mail server despite the fact that he never even had a security clearance to deal with such sensitive information in the first place. If this scenario explains why the e-mail is missing, classified materials were mishandled.
  2. The State Department does not have a copy, and this e-mail was deleted by both Clinton and Blumenthal before turning over their subpoenaed e-mails to investigators, which would be considered destruction of evidence and lying to federal officials. This also speaks to the reason why the private server may have been established in the first place. If Blumenthal were to regularly send highly sensitive yet technically “unclassified” information from his AOL account to Clinton’s official government e-mail account, it could have been revealed with a FOIA request. It has already been established that Hillary Clinton deleted 15 of Sidney Blumenthal’s e-mails to her, this discrepancy was discovered when Blumenthal’s e-mails were subpoenaed, although a State Department official claims that none of these 15 e-mails have any information about the Benghazi attack. It would seem from the subject line that this e-mail does. And it is missing from the public record.

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