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"The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of Conservatives is to prevent mistakes from being corrected. Even when the revolutionist might himself repent of his revolution, the traditionalist is already defending it as part of his tradition." --G K Chesterton

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development analyzed almost all aid from the United States and other rich nations and found that about one-third is climate-related aid.
This is immoral when 2 billion people suffer from malnutrition, 700 million live in extreme poverty and 2.4 billion are without clean drinking water and sanitation. These problems can be tackled effectively today, helping many more people more dramatically than “climate aid” could.--Lomberg
A guy named Noah Smith argues that there is no global war against militant Islam. Compare, he says, deaths in the West to these parochial numbers:
Let's look at the main wars currently being fought by radical Islamic forces. These are:
Syrian Civil War (~470,000 dead)
2nd Iraqi Civil War (~56,000 dead)
Boko Haram Insurgency (~28,000 dead)
War in Afghanistan (126,000 dead)
Somali Civil War (~500,000 dead)
War in Northwest Pakistan (~60,000 dead)
Libyan Civil War (~14,000 dead)
Yemeni Civil War (~11,000 dead)
Sinai Insurgency (~4,500 dead)

When Bogle started the first index fund in 1976, his goal was capturing the overall market’s return at much lower costs than the stockpicking fund managers who so often failed to match it. The wisdom of this passive approach has become so conventional that Vanguard’s assets under management have swollen to $3.5 trillion, mostly in index funds.

Who is....Kissinger?

According to the NY Post, the president-elect’s 46-year-old wife and their 10-year-old son are staying put at the family’s Trump Tower penthouse so that Barron can continue attending his Upper West Side private school. That source said also that there is a possibility that Melania and Barron may move to the White House at the end of the school year, but no plans are in place. A shift from Washington to New York, that would be a big deal. (Traffic aside.)

"This president-elect is the most unique that I have experienced in one respect: No baggage. He has no obligation to any particular group because he has become a president on the basis of his own strategy and a program he put before the American public that his competitors did not present. So that is a unique situation.”--Kissinger on Trump

"Slate" has an article on Hitler couched in ambiguous Trump-like terms. One of the difficulties in this culture is its omnipresent hyperbole; everything is exaggerated. This is fine if you are Flannery O'Connor but most of these writers are only hysterical. It undermines their points, it compromises the value of their estimates. and generally enervates the reader who should be invigorated.

Since Sputnik 1,  NASA estimates that more than a half-million fragments of space junk are orbiting the earth, some the husks of satellites, some tiny flecks of paint. The estimated weight is 7,000 tons. There are all sorts of ideas about what to do with the junk from harvesting it to destroying it.
In 2004, 30,711 deaths were drug related compared to 42,836 in motor vehicle accidents. A decade later, drug-induced deaths reached 49,714 while road crash deaths fell to 32,675.

We are a fickle crowd--or maybe just hopeful. Donald Trump’s popularity is rising in the days since his election, according to a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll of registered voters. Forty-six percent of voters now have a very favorable or somewhat favorable opinion of the president-elect. Twelve percent have a somewhat unfavorable opinion and 34 percent have a very unfavorable opinion of him. Since the election, Trump’s favorability has grown 9 points, 37 percent to 46 percent, compared to a Morning Consult poll right before the election -- while his unfavorability has dropped 15 points, from 61 percent to 46 percent.

Golden oldie:
A well regarded commentator was writing an article opposing fracking. Because the technology has been investigated to death and found in...

“Rust Belt Dems broke for Trump because they thought Clinton cared more about bathrooms than jobs.” That's a headline in the WashPo.

Obama said something interesting recently. He said he could not pardon Snowden without a conviction. That is, he could not pre-emptively pardon a guy for a process that had not yet run its course. He did not say it, but that applies to Hillary too. And to illegal immigrants.

"Liberals work very hard to advocate for tolerance and respect for people who look differently, or love differently, or pray differently. If I had an extra genie wish, I'd use it to help liberals invest some of that same passion into tolerating and respecting people who think differently."--Leff

Some 400 protesters, opposed to a North Dakota oil pipeline project they say threatens water resources and sacred tribal lands, clashed with police who fired tear gas at the scene of a similar confrontation last month. A total of 167 demonstrators have been injured according to a medic on site while 7 people have been hospitalized for severe head injuries. Three of those injured are reportedly elders of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe.

A new study found that the dementia rate in Americans 65 and older fell by 24 percent over 12 years, to 8.8 percent in 2012 from 11.6 percent in 2000. That trend is “statistically significant and impressive,” said Samuel Preston, a demographer at the University of Pennsylvania who was not associated with the study. Overweight people and obese people had a 30 percent lower risk of dementia, the study found. Years of education were associated with decreased dementia risk in this study, as in many others.

From a friend traveling in India: "Our ongoing problem is the lack of local money, because Pakistan has been dumping large amounts of counterfeit money into India and the black economy is vast. The gov has changed the currency and the banks and ATM's are all blocked /non functional or have massive lines of locals trying to change to the new cash."

Remember the experts and "peak oil?" Remember the end of the West, freezing in the dark? Remember when alternative energy was not just a good idea, it was necessary for industry?
Geologists say a new survey shows an oilfield in west Texas dwarfs others found so far in the United States, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. (USGS)
The Midland Basin of the Wolfcamp Shale area in the Permian Basin is now estimated to have 20 billion barrels of oil and 1.6 billion barrels of natural gas, according to the USGS. 
That makes it three times larger than the assessment of the oil in the mammoth Bakken formation in North Dakota. Three times larger!
The estimate would make the oilfield, which encompasses the cities of Lubbock and Midland -- 118 miles apart -- the largest "continuous oil" discovery in the United States. I wonder if the locals are mobilizing against developing it.

AAAAaaaaaaaannnnnnnddddddd.......a graph:
Infographic: Drugs Are Killing More Americans Than Road Crashes  | Statista

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