Monday, June 12, 2017


Leonard Nimoy used to do a TV show called "In Search of..." that offered unusual ideas or explanations about topics in history. He opened the show often with a voice-over as the camera depicted a historical event as he offered an exotic explanation.

"The killer was known as Jack the Ripper. He stalked the Whitechapel district in London between 31 August and 9 November 1888 . Why so short a time? He was never caught; he seemed to vanish. If he was mad--as so many assume--there was certainly no cure he stumbled upon. So what happened to him?
And why the detailed anatomic destruction of his victims? It is said he had medical knowledge--but why do we emphasize the process and not the intent?  (long pause) Could, (pause) could Jack the Ripper have been an alien looking to understand the inner workings of humans by dissecting them, like an anatomist? Could he have been sent here by a great alien civilization to acquire anatomic and physiologic  information about the people on this planet and then, having completed his work, been taken back to his planet of origin with the information? (fadeout) 
Or something like that.

Like the old von Danekin "ancient aliens" idea, it was nonsense, but fun nonsense. And harmless.
One might hope that all the accusations against Trump and his administration turn something up. It would be a serious blow if the Press in this country became nonsense, but fun nonsense.

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