Friday, June 9, 2017

Babe Ruth/Jeffrey Dahmer

Loretta Lynch asked Comey to call the government inquires into the Clinton emails a "Matter" not an "investigation." News management.

There has been an effort to call Comey's revelatios as the work of a "Wistleblower," not a "Leaker." News management.

Years ago the baseball teams closed up their Grapefruit League season and headed north on the train. Late in the evening the reporters--all men--sat in the smoking car drinking and smoking when the car door opened with a bang and Babe Ruth ran through the car and out the other door, naked. A moment later the door banged open again and a women ran through, naked, with a knife, chasing Ruth, and ran after him through the other door.
Great story, right. Not a word of it was written. The reporters liked Ruth too much. And the game too much. News management.

Almost everything has a bit of a slant.  When Bush was president, Middle East combat deaths were common on the news but that information rarely appeared during Obama's tenure. Remember when HIV was primarily a heterosexual disease? Is Trump's immigration plan a religious ban or a country-of-origin based slowdown? How could Bernie Sanders possibly be accepted as a national presidential candidate by the Press without at least some hesitation? Is it common to publish the cost of the First Lady's dress?

Let us accept for argument's sake that some element of subjectivity creeps into news stories. And the news media seems to have accepted a certain oppositional stand to Trump as if it were the media's job. Sort of the "loyal opposition." During warfare, such news management was planned, considered perfectly reasonable, and was known as "propaganda." Dangers to society should not be presented in a favorable light.
We currently have a problem with people who consider themselves paramilitary enemies of the West and might qualify for a little "management," particularly since there is a significant on-line recruitment program for them that needs opposed. If that is so, I have some suggestions for some news "management" regarding the current fad of murdering strangers for no reason:
  1. Stop naming and showing the pictures of terrorists. Never describe them. When possible, denigrate them.
  2. When the organizer is revealed, refrain from writing, "..[  ]... claims responsibility.' Instead write "...[  ]... apparently accepts blame."
  3. Get rid of the phases "terrorism" and "terrorist acts." Write instead "atrocity" or some synonym.
  4. Never imply a motive in reporting an atrocity, apply a diagnosis. We are quite willing to have public figures diagnosed from afar, why not terrorists? The Press should make every single lunatic homicidal maniac sound like Jeffery Dahmer. They are serial killers, just very fast ones, and should sound like serial killers. Ted Bundy was never presented as the complex and interesting guy he was and should not have been. "Homicidal Derangement Syndrome" would be a pretty good diagnosis to hang on these people. If you can add some sexual deviance to them, do it. (For example, a study from professors at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law found that 46% of transgender men and 42% of transgender women in the study had attempted suicide. So......)

The Press seems to think they have a duty to influence us. This might be a reasonable place to start.

Dahmer, ready for the NYT's annual Men's Fashion Shoot:

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