Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Repainting the Potemkin Village

2.9% of workers in the United States make minimum wage. Over 50% of them are age 16 to 24. In the largest study ever done on homosexuality in the Western world, 0.7% of women and 1.4% of men admitted to having at least one (and some only one) episode of homosexual physical contact (kiss and/or caress included) in their entire adult lives.

Why is it that such small parts of our population --and such peripheral parts of the bell curve--demand such a disproportionately large part of the society's time and energy? In a culture such as ours with economic problems, unemployment, drug use and crime, broken homes with fatherless children, endless and pointless wars, and general malaise and philosophical uncertainty it cannot be that we have no more important projects to focus upon.

One would hate to think these small problems are the result of pointed self-absorbed special interests or, worse, insincere political distraction from the bigger and more difficult problems.


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