Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I awoke this morning thinking about the Boston Marathon bombing. There has been no blame assigned as yet but Chris Mathews thinks the Tea Party may be involved.

Not every savage act teaches a lesson; sometime a cigar is just a cigar. But there are some intimations here. Ours is a nation that publicly admits it can not control its own borders. National security is apparently a myth, how can individual security be any different? The irony of the Newtown parents being in the grandstand across the street from the explosion is withering.

We are also a heroic species. It was astonishing to see the bystanders and officials tearing the barricades apart to get to the injured. Like the fireman of 9/11, selflessness emerging from a field sown with evil is more than reassuring, it makes us worthwhile.

Finally, there is evil. It is real. Relativism and moral neutrality pale before it.

Humanity is a large bell-shaped curve. If the average IQ is 100, there are as many people with a 70 as a 130. Does that mean there are as many Laslo Toths as Michealangelos? No, there are more Toths, countless more. That is our miracle.

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