Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thank God. Sanford is Back


AP Photo

What is it that makes these characters fight through ponderous personality defects, mortifying behavior and zero redeeming qualities in order to become our leaders? It is as if an average middle-age man with average abilities continued to show up at tryout camps for professional football defensive backs. Or is always being escorted from stages where he was trying, uninvited, to rap.

Sanford is back. He has spent time in the desert, or therapy or somewhere and has been purified of his incredible stupidity and is reborn. Now he can do what he was originally born to do: Run against a woman who is famous for being a comedian's sister, a woman following her own inexplicable star.

The shining, smiling girl in the picture above is the Argentinian girl Sanford became lost in...over...for......whatever. They are now betrothed. Before God.

She does bring a nice Bruni quality to the election, though. And so international.

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