Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Sermon 4/28/13

In today's gospel, the scene has shifted from the post-resurrection to the Last Supper. Immediately preceding the reading Judas has left the group "And it was night."

Christ then gives the longest speech to the disciples in the New Testament. He starts by declaring that the wheels of the glorification of the Son of Man are in motion. As He does so often, Christ describes the coming events in great contrast to how we would; He continues to work on this other, unworldly plane. He describes His coming savage, cruel and humiliating Passion as "glorifying." His sacrifice will "glorify" Him and His Father. There is a supernatural vision here which continues into the "Wither I go you cannot come" line. This entire speech sounds as if it is being delivered to history.

Christ then abruptly shifts and makes things simple and astounding with a revolutionary statement that will reverberate through history: "Love one another."

Then it was night.

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