Thursday, May 9, 2013

Abuse of the Corpse

Benghazi has been exhumed.

From Al Capone to Watergate to Martha Stewart the cover-up has always been more important than the crime. Whether that is wise for a society is a reasonable question but the "why?" in a society like ours is more understandable: We hate making difficult value judgments. We judge the interference with process more harshly than the crime itself because it is a cleaner--and easier--decision. We might not be able to get you for the murder but we will get you for abuse of a corpse. And so it will be with this stupid Benghazi debate. The Republicans will hammer away at the idiotic YouTube claim and the Democrats will hammer away at the Republican political motives.

But the real unanswered question will continue to be unasked: Why didn't they help those guys?

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