Monday, May 13, 2013

NPR 3 Minute Fiction 74E


In some respects I am typical of my time. In my work and life I observe. I analyze. And I don't jump to conclusions. When things happen in this life, you want to make the most of them. But you must be cautious. Like science, proximity can contaminate results. And information is power.
I could drive and spend the money but I like to keep in touch with the average guy so I take the 74E to work. Not that we talk. The bus is early, sleepy and pretty quiet. No one ever talks though some have seen each other for years.
When I get on at Negley the two of them are already on. She always stands towards the front. She's cute. Always wears a skirt. Even in winter. He must get on early; he always has a seat way in the back.
I always stand in the front by her.
Today he got up and worked his way through the standers as usual to get off at the University stop at Morewood. He's geeky looking, tall and thin. But as he passed the girl today he discreetly dropped a letter into her leather shoulder bag. He continued on without a word and got off. Her back was toward him as he passed and she never saw the letter. And she never saw it fall.
I watched for a minute. At first I was concerned it might be some kind of test. Then I waited to see if anyone would call attention to it but no one noticed. So I picked it up and pocketed it. She got off at the hospital on Simmonds, none the wiser.
I could not wait to get to my desk. There were countless fascinating possibilities. Spies. Terrorism. Blackmail. I admit I was a bit disappointed. It was just a love note saying how he had admired her for months and inviting her to coffee at The Coffee Tree in Shadyside tomorrow at 11:00. He was smart enough to enclose a picture and a short bio.
The coffee was a good idea. And midday. If it's a disaster everyone can escape. But for an apparently shy guy it was a risky thing to do. And what will he do when she doesn't show? Will he be angry or just disappointed? And how will he handle next Monday on the bus? Will he ignore her? Will he approach her and question her? Maybe he'll take a different bus.
I'm going to go tomorrow and see what happens. The Coffee Tree is big and open; he'll never notice me. I could bring him the letter and say I found it on the bus and used the picture to find him. I could save the day. He could take the letter and the story to the girl; it could put a better spin on it. We could become close friends.
I think I'll just see what happens. It could be fun.

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