Friday, March 31, 2017


A number of years ago, when the country was considerably younger in spirit, there was a movie called "Three Days of the Condor." It is about an academic guy (Robert Redford) who works as a reader for the CIA looking for interesting themes and ideas that might appear in books and journals. He discovers the possibility that a CIA unit has separated itself and gone rogue with its own agenda and policy. Redford, with the help of an unconvincing Faye Dunaway, struggle to identify and expose the CIA unit as that unit hunts them.

After some clever investigations, the bad guys are revealed but the CIA has concerns that its integrity will be undermined if Redford exposes them. So there is the threat that the CIA will protect itself by killing him.
Redford triumphantly brings his information to The New York Times, clearly a beacon of honest, righteous American thinking. Checkmate.

Can you imagine with all the NYT has done over the recent years that an American audience would not laugh themselves silly if presented with that resolution now?

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