Thursday, March 23, 2017


This is from the official White House transcript of a recent meeting between Trump and several U.S. executives as they introduced themselves:

MR. FRAZIER: Thank you, Mr. President, it’s good to be here. Ken Frazier from Merck & Co., Inc.
MR. FIELDS: Thank you, Mr. President. Mark Fields, CEO of Ford Motor Company.
MS. MORRISON: Thank you, Mr. President. Denise Morrison from Campbell Soup Company.
MS. MORRISON: Thank you.

Trump's first thought was to complement Campbell's representative on her soup. This seemed to me a crazy conversation for the President of the United States to have but a finance writer jumped on it, saying Trump instinctively focused on the basic production in the room, food, ignoring the more sophisticated engines and drugs.
He is very kind.

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