Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sunday: Immigration

Julian Stannard has a PhD from the University of East Anglia and is at the University of Winchester, where he teaches English and Creative Writing. He has written books and poetry. 
This is a view of dispossessed immigrants, indifferent and wry people, coming to America from Italy.

Plan B

We’re trundling down Via Balbi
past palaces of glory and endless virtue.
We’re fecund with children, we’re good at that
and some of us have rabbits in our pockets.
We are fluent in sundry dialects
and we’re going down to Caricamento
to board a steamer for America.
The crossing will not be comfortable.
We’ll be sleeping cheek by jowl, cheek to cheek
the air so foetid.
When we arrive at Ellis Island,
some of us will be examined for lunacy.
How many legs does a dog have?
Who is President of the United States?


Ellis Island, New York, 1905, by Lewis Hine (TLS)

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