Wednesday, April 5, 2017


This is the week of the Gorsuch vote. Not one Democrat will vote for him. This will create a Rube-publican response that will allow majority confirmation--and doom further minority influence in the Congress. This is a bad step.
But the behavior of the Democrats is worse. This guy will not get one vote from them. Not one. There is no doubt he is an accomplished, sincere, able jurist. But there is no leeway allowed here. The same people who praised Bork, defamed him.
Sotomayor was nominated for many reasons but no one argued she was an outstanding jurist; nine Rube-publicans voted for her. The same for Elena Kagan; seven Rube-publicans voted for her.
One wonders where this Manichean mindset leads. Romney was vilified as if he were Himmler--and was defeated. It is a world where even the bland are unsafe. More than unsafe, they are a threat.

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