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A man's admiration for absolute government is proportionate to the contempt he feels for those around him.--deTocqueville

More than 40 percent of poor Americans are white. Roughly 60 percent of working-class Americans are white. Almost two-thirds of white Americans are poor or working-class. Altogether, lower-income whites make up about 40 percent of the country, yet they are almost entirely absent on elite college campuses, where they amount, at most, to a few percent and constitute, by a wide margin, the single most underrepresented group.

Because of Japan’s import restrictions on foreign goods, Japanese citizens pay $53 for jeans that cost us [Americans] $32.  A spark plug costs them $8.60; we can get one for $1.69.  They pay $2,000 for a laser printer that costs us $1,100. So, what should we do in response to Japan’s restrictionist policies?  Trade restrictionists, like Representative Richard Gephardt, advise that because Japan and other countries force their own citizens to pay higher prices, we should retaliate with restrictions that force Americans to pay higher prices as well.  In other words, because Japan’s trade restrictions force its citizens to pay $8.60 for a spark plug, Congress should punish Japan by adopting a policy that forces Americans to pay the same.  We won’t hear a congressman put it that way because his stupidity would be apparent to all.  Instead, you’ll hear such terms as fair trade, antidumping, and voluntary restraints.  No matter how it’s put, the bottom line is higher prices for us. --Williams

Facetious and abstemious are the only words that contain all the vowels in the correct order.

There is a new and well regarded biography of Jonathan Swift by John Stubbs. He (Swift) was an unhappy man, never known to smile or laugh, perhaps with reason.  Shortly after his birth in Dublin in 1667, Swift was placed under the care of an English wet nurse who heard that a relative in Cumbria was close to death and immediately returned to her family, taking her charge with her. Swift’s mother (probably disingenuously) deemed a return voyage too dangerous. So he remained in England for two or three years before being sent back to Ireland and placed under the care of an uncle, who had him educated at Kilkenny College and Trinity College, Dublin. (Swift never knew his father, who died from syphilis nine months before his birth.)
Thackeray described him as “an immense genius.” Possessing, per Orwell, a “general hatred of humanity,” Swift was a peerless misanthrope. He told Alexander Pope he wanted “to vex the world rather than divert it.”
He once remarked, “I never wake without finding life a more insignificant thing than it was the day before”; and who was so prone to jealousy that he stated that he would require a “mathematical Demonstration” of any prospective partner’s constancy — impossible, people in general being “a lying sort of Beast.”

3 out of every 4 tornadoes in the world happen in the United States. The United States have an average of 800 tornadoes every year.

Among the 10 million men not in the workforce – men who are not even looking for a job – 57% of the Caucasian population between 21 and 55 collect disability benefits.
Between 1948 and 2015, the work rate for U.S. men twenty and older fell from 85.8 percent to 68.2 percent. Thus the proportion of American men twenty and older without paid work more than doubled, from 14 percent to almost 32 percent. But a recent study by Deloitte (as reported in the Guardian), which drew on data going back to 1871 in England and Wales, found that technology has been a job-creating machine. Part of that is because technology increases people’s spending power.
We are still creating 450,000 new businesses a year but we are losing more enterprises every year than we are creating. And we have been doing that since the beginning of the Great Recession.

Who is......Nkechi Amare Diallo?

In the 1980s new startups accounted for some 12–13% of all businesses. Today it’s 7–8%. If we want to create a growing economy, we are going to have to have more business startups. Which means that we have to create a climate in which people feel comfortable in launching risky new ventures.
Fewer new businesses means that older companies now represent the largest share of US businesses.

Barleywine is brewed and fermented similar to other ale style beers using primarily barley (whereas true wines use fruit for fermentation, not grain). However barleywine uses more grain compared to other ales in order to change as many starches into fermentable sugars as possible.
Like wine, a key ingredient in barleywine is time.
Most ales ferment for approximately 2-3 weeks.  Barleywine takes a minimum of 4 weeks to ferment, plus additional time to condition, and for the flavors to mature – which could be a few weeks up to 5 years.


Almost seven million people in the UK - 13 per cent - do not have someone they would call a close "chum," up from one in 10 (10 per cent) when the same question was asked in 2014 and 2015, charities Relate and Relationships Scotland say. 

It is typical of the interventionists that they suggest simple answers based on the treatment of all people as if they were identical, homogeneous units.  It is typical that they will force people to do what they regard as being good for these people, whether or not those whose freedom is being infringed regard this as desirable.--Brozen

Papua New Guinea is the most linguistically diverse nation in the world with over 820 different languages spoken in this country.

And, on the identity front, former Spokane, Washington, NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal, who resigned amid criticism that she was passing herself off as black, has changed her name to Nkechi Amare Diallo. Court documents show a judge granted her request on Oct. 7, 2016. Her new name has origins in Africa.
The former Dolezal has acknowledged that she is "Caucasian biologically" but says she identifies as black.
Easier than a sex change.

Golden oldie:
The confiscation of wealth by any entity always has a certain quality, something in common with its fellows: The one having their wealth co...

Western Union turned down the chance to buy the patents to the telephone. Their reasoning was that they were in the telegraph business. The telephone was something different. They did not realize that they were actually in the communication business. Keuffel and Esser were in the slide rule business. K & E was offered this new technology called the electronic calculator back in the ’60s, when it could perform only your basic four arithmetic functions, yet the device cost $250. They turned it down, their reasoning being, “Who would want to buy something that can only do a few calculations for $250 when our slide rules can do so much more for a fraction of the cost?”
Anyway, we went to the moon with slide rules.
As once the function of Liberalism in the past was that of placing a limit on the powers of kings, the function of true Liberalism in the future will be that of putting a limit to the power of Parliaments. This theme is from Herbert Spencer's 1884  little book, "The Man Versus the State". In that work, Spencer reacted against a change of sensibility among liberals themselves. He saw the "new" liberalism being on par with "old" Tories. In its previous manifestation liberalism, Spencer maintained, was busy in removing interventions, prohibitions, and regulations, with the aim of broadening society's areas of self-government.

Crocodilian: 1. hypocritical; insincere. 2. of, like, or pertaining to a crocodile. usage:

The crocodilian concern with the lower classes and their subsidy of middle-class students (who are fighting to extend such subsidies to lower-class children) is authentic "old-time" common sense at the zenith of coherence.-- Marvin Harris, "Campus Confusion: To the Editor," New York Times, January 5, 1969

Ety: Crocodilian can mean "hypocritical, insincere." The insincerity of crocodiles has been noted since ancient times and is also reflected in the term "crocodile tears" (crocodiles supposedly weep for the victims they are eating). Crocodile tears are mentioned in a collection of ancient Greek proverbs attributed to Plutarch (a.d. c46–c120). The proverbs compare the crocodiles’ behavior to that of people who desire or cause the misfortune or death of others but afterward publicly mourn them. Crocodilian entered English in the 17th century.

From a TechRepublic article:
  1. MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and Boston University have teamed up to create a robotic system that can be controlled by human brain waves.
  2. The system connects a robot to a human EEG monitor. If the robot completes a task incorrectly, natural human "error" signals are picked up by the system, and the robot corrects its behavior.
  3. The work shows that intuitive human thought can control robot behavior, and may have big implications for how people who cannot verbally communicate can still interact with machines.

Access to health insurance is not the same as access to health care. In many parts of the country, Obamacare plans come with deductibles of $5,000 or more. So you’re covered only after you’ve spent $5,000 that you probably don’t have.
Median household income in the US is only around $56,000. Median means half of all household incomes are below that amount, and few people have an extra $5,000 sitting around. They’re insured, yes, but they can’t afford to use their insurance even if tax credits cover the premiums.
So Obamacare isn’t the solution, because it’s not working either.


It seems pretty likely than in two more quarters Australia will beat the record for the world's longest expansion, currently held by the Netherlands (103 quarters, or almost 26 years.)
France is fourth, despite this astonishing unemployment rate:


But here's the French RGDP growth rate, technically an expansion:

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