Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Apocalypse and Epiphany

There is some excitement over the prophesy made by an ancient central American culture, a culture with a death ceremony orientation and without the wheel, about the end of the world. There is far better evidence from a much more reliable civilization.

One year ago my wife bought a new faucet for our kitchen. It looked great but never worked as well as the faucet it replaced. The hot water was tepid, the flow scant. We began to have trouble with the dishwasher and the repair man said it was because we were not rinsing the dishes adequately before washing and, with the new faucet, we indeed could not rinse well. The dishwasher will need replaced soon. Finally we asked a friend, a contractor, to look at the faucet and he fixed it in a minute. Apparently new faucets are shipped with a built-in artificial restriction to water flow. This is an idea of the EPA. The faucet is actually sabotaged at the factory. So the new faucet has been specifically built to work poorly, has resulted in damage to the dishwasher that will require replacement and has caused frustration and anxiety ever since its purchase.

Building things not to work. If that isn't a sign of the apocalypse I don't know what is. I can not wait until the guy who pushed that idea through gets a promotion to the Department of State, Defense, or Medicine.

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