Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Book List

"If I wanted an education, I would have got a library card." This was said by a friend of mine on his graduation from college.
I've been thinking about  a good list of books that would be an informative, interesting and that would be fun to read, mostly for new adult readers. Moby Dick, one of the world's great books, is a lot of work as well. Ditto most of the Russians. So I am working on a list that could be read, reading every night for an hour, for two years, that would be mind-expanding but not labor. 50 books. Some are good introes to a style or writer, some to periods.
This is my start. I am eager for additions.

The Magnificent Century-- Costain                                                                                  

The New Testament

Greek Way--Edith Hamilton

The Duchess of Malfi--Webster

Coming of Age in the Milky Way--Ferris

Killer Angels--Sharra

Game of Thrones  (First of Fire and Ice Series)--Martin

The Iliad

Mere Christianity-- C. S. Lewis

Bleak House--Dickens
Middlemarch--George Eliot

When Genius Failed-- Roger Lowenstein

A Night to Remember--Walter Lord

The Big Short--Lewis
Ivanhoe --Walter Scott

Hot Zone--Preston

Daughter of Time ---Tey

Master and Commander--O'Brien

Winter's Bone--Woodrell



Call of the Wild--London

Huckleberry Finn--Twain

Leisure The Basis of Culture--Pieper

The Count of Monte Cristo--Dumas

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