Thursday, December 27, 2012

Prarie Fire

Our concern about terrorism has an intense but selective memory. The next two notes will cover the Weather Underground, a violent sect of the student movement of the '60s and '70s. Several graduates of that vicious element have become quite influential since.

An underground newspaper called "The Berkeley Tribe," in August 1970, had an article titled, " Unsettled Accounts". Underneath this headline it stated, "Larry Grathwohl is one of the most dangerous police agents ever to infiltrate the American revolutionary movement." Grathwohl successfully infiltrated the Weather Underground for the FBI and his observations and reminiscences have been published and broadcast--video from his appearance before the Senate, his book "The Young Revolutionaries," and a number of documentaries and spots. These provide reminders of how dangerous, if limited, these self-styled revolutionaries were and how much damage they did. One of the more chilling is his description of a meeting involving William Ayers, among others, discussing the eventual need for anti-capitalist reeducation camps in the Southwest and the elimination (i.e. murder) of the 25 million people they thought would resist such a program.

Grathwohl's main thesis has been that the Underground's anti-war position was one of convenience; their real aim was to destroy the economic and social structure of the U.S.. For some reason people never took them very seriously but they were serious. Ayers himself continues to be an influence in America and seems to have escaped judgment. (His wife certainly has.)
With the recent violence in Connecticut and Ayres' admitted influence upon the current administration, these snippets have been picked out from Grathwohl's writings:

I worked with Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn in the Weather Underground as an informant for the FBI. I never heard of Obama during my time in the movement, although I understand Joel Gilbert has developed information that Obama was active with a Weather Underground support group, the May 19th Communist Organization, in New York.

I left the Weather Underground and testified against Ayers and Dohrn for their involvement in a murder plot that killed Police Sergeant Brian V. McDonnell

I remember one meeting when our Weatherman “collective” brought up the subject of the Kennedy assassinations. At least 20 to 25 people were present and Bill Ayers was one of them. I heard Bill state that the murders of both John F. Kennedy and Robert F Kennedy were a good thing because liberals compromise the conflict between U.S. imperialism and the socialist revolution.

One of my assignments was Detroit, Michigan, and I arrived there in late January of 1970. Shortly after my arrival I was assigned to a cell with four other people and during the meeting with Bill Ayers we were told that our objective would be to place bombs at the Detroit Police Officers Association (DPOA Building) and at the 13th precinct. Furthermore Bill instructed us to determine the best time to place these explosive devices ......After a week of information gathering we had another meeting with Bill Ayers and at this time I suggested to Bill that if we placed the bomb in the walkway between these two buildings the DPOA building would suffer little if any damage while the red barn restaurant would most likely be destroyed. I also concluded that customers in that restaurant would die. Bill Ayers responded by telling me, "sometimes innocent people have to die in a revolution."

I was told by Bill Ayers in February of 1970 that Bernardine Dorn was the main perpetrator of the bombing of the Park Police Station which resulted in the death of Sgt. Brian V. McDonnell.

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