Monday, January 14, 2013

Doug Millar's Funeral

I went to Doug Millar's memorial service today. He had a long illness (adrenal-cortical carcinoma) and died last week. He was a nice guy; I knew his wife a bit better, a sharp and interested woman and radiologist.

Doug worked in his own specialty travel business. He was famous, though, for his successful lawsuit against his broker over the broker's failure to sell his significant holdings in FreeMarkets, a request Doug made at a golf outing and the broker thought was musing, not an order.

The crowd filled the church and was quite involved, moved and upbeat. There were sports people, politicians, lawyers and businessmen. One girl who was or will be in a Breck commercial.The eulogy by a friend was excellent. It started as a make-believe phone call from Doug and could be sold as a short story. The minister, another friend, gave good sermon.

Generally, it was very well done, moving but uplifting.

It made me think of my funeral and how I must make new and more creative friends. And join a smaller church.

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