Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Sermon 1/13/13

In today's gospel, Christ is baptized by John. It is a difficult, awkward moment for John--and perhaps for Luke who mentions the baptism only in passing and emphasizes the appearance of the Holy Spirit. In the very next paragraph Luke says, beginning a genealogy of Christ, " And Jesus himself was beginning about the age of thirty; being (as it was supposed) the son of Joseph..."

"As it was supposed."

In Mathew when John expresses his embarrassment in baptizing Christ, Christ says, "Suffer it to be so now." It is a rare moment where Christ approves of the ritual of thing. Relax, he is saying. The complexity of this is just starting. This drama is over the audience' head. I know you have lived in the desert and are a very serious guy but don't take everything to heart.

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