Friday, January 11, 2013

Jack Lew and You

Jack Lew is Obama's new nominee for Treasury to replace the semi-esteemed Geithner. According to the news release on Yahoo, Lew "doesn't have the type of financial experience that Geithner brought to the job at the height of the financial crisis in 2009. Indeed, there's not as much of a premium on those skills now as the nation's attention has turned from bank bailouts to fiscal confrontations and brinkmanship." Bloomberg said that a significant under-secretary may have to be brought in as well as Lew was "a little thin" on finance.

So the Secretary of Treasury will be headed by a guy a little thin on finance. A surgeon a little thin on anatomy. A papal candidate light on theology. Eric Holder. Obama himself. Do you feel taunted? Are you getting the feeling that a good understanding of the job is an incidental requirement in this administration? That maybe something else is afoot?

That defiance and hubris may be the point?

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